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Work experience:

*11/2010  Independently JB projecting & contracting.
*1/2006 to 07/2010  In employed by DHL (fulltime) (shed, quality space, administration and accounting).
*6/2005 to 1/2006  Employed by DHL through CAPAC.
*2004  JANYAR transport company  (OWN COMPANY).
*2003 to 5/2005  to employees of Safari Supermarket (part time).
*1997 to 2002  working part ways residence permits (cleaner, cabinets).
*1996 to 1997 Accountant at Ministry of Oil and Gas in Northern Iraq:
-Management of Export of oil products to Turkey
-Payments to suppliers
-Manager of Financial Department
-Weekly reports of all transactions

*1993 to 1996 Bookkeeper at BEHZAD company in Zakho.


Study and Training:

*2010   Project Management (HBO)   (Diploma)
*10-2008 to 08-2010 All of the following courses:
- Business Economics (Certificate)
- Transport management and planning (Certificate)
- Environmental course (Certificate)
- Psychology (staff)  (Certificate)                                       
- Cultural and Social Development (Diploma)
- Security (business & machine)   (Certificate)
- Computer accounting (Certificate)
- Retailing course (Certificate)

*07-2007   Accounting  (Diploma)
*07-2007   Everyday arithmetic course  (Certificate)

*01-2007  DHL system management (Flow,Vis) Training
*2005        Basic Accounting and Costing  (Certificate)
*2003 to 2005    -Integration Program  (Certificate)
                             - Naturalization Test  (Certificate)
                             -NT2 Program1, 2   (Diploma)




 Has good computer skills and experience with the programs Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Corel Paint, Adobe and Internet.              



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